WARDROBE STAPLES! Closet Guide to 10 MUST-HAVE Basics.

These are all basic wardrobe staples and if you have all these things in your wardrobe, you are sorted. You don’t need to shop more. According to me, if these things are there in your wardrobe, then you’ll never have to say, ”OH GOD, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!”

So let’s get started.


First essential I want to talk about is T-shirt. I would highly recommend adding a T-shirt in your wardrobe. You can wear them with pair of jeans, skirts, shorts, palazzo pants, layer under you dress etc. You can also wear it as a crop top. I mean the possibilities are just ENDLESS. Believe me, It’s a versatile piece. Although it’s your preference in colour but I’ll suggest you to have them in black and white. Again a round-neck or a V-neck is your personal preference but if you are heavy chested, I would recommend getting V-neck T-shirts as these draw the attention downwards.


Another essential I want to talk about is tank top. I think It’s double dose of comfy and style. It goes well with anything from denim pants to shorts and jackets to shirts. Pair it with pair of jeans for a casual look, or a skirt to make it look a little more chic. If you don’t want to show more skin, add a cardigan on it to cover your shoulder. I would highly recommend to have it in 4-5 different colours.


Next essential I want to talk about is crop top. This is fresh, versatile and totally easy to wear. Get one crop top and you’ll find endless way to switch up your outfit. It is perfect to go with blazers, shirts, skirts, high rise jeans and pants. It’s a very casual piece yet very very edgy. You can even wear it for party by pairing it up with shimmer bottoms, in formal wear by throwing a blazer onto it, or you can layer it up with the shirt for college.


Next wardrobe essential I want to talk about is shirt. It’s again a very important piece according to me. You must have one, be it in check print, solid colour or denim one. There are so many things you can do with this single piece. You can convert it into off shoulder top, one shoulder top or a tube top. You can style them with pair of jeans, skirt, shorts etc. It’s a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. So if by any chance you do not have it, go and buy it first.


It’s a wonderful staple. There is no other way to instantly up your look besides throwing on a blazer but most importantly a black blazer. This is one of the item that can be worn anytime any where at any occasion. You can team it up with your dresses, jeans, skirts etc depending on the occasion. You can turn your day dress into a semi-casual office look just by wearing a jacket. It is always good to invest in a well fitted blazer.


The most important basic is a well-fitted pair of denim jeans. It is all you need, always invest in them. I’ll suggest you to have a good pair of high waisted jeans because it accentuates your body in very sexy way. It gives you an illusion of longer legs and shorter torso and also highlight smallest part of your waist. It compresses the lower stomach area and gives a very neat and clean finish overall. 


Next staple is straight fit jeans. These jeans are so comfortable that you will have to try them for youself to believe me. It will take you through the hot Indian summer weather easily. You can strech your legs easily in them. If you have to go out for some small household activities, wearing fitted jeans is not just worth the effort and I think straight fit jeans is perfect mix of comfort and style.


Another wardrobe staple is black trouser. If you ever find a pair of trouser that fits you well, invest in them even if it’s a bit expensive and you can thank me later because black trouser can be worn in offices, even with a T-shirt for a casual look. Style it for a party look by pairing it with a shimmery top and trust me it looks super sexy.

9. BELT:

Now lets talk about belts. Your most belt type will again depend on your personal preference. Some people prefer a belt with jeans and trouser but I recommended waist belt more. The reason is you can give shape to your body by wearing it and you can also wear it to fix up your loose dress. Highly recommend having a good waist-belt in your wardrobe to cinch in that beautiful waist.

10. SCARF:

Last wardrobe staple that I would highly recommend is scarf. The shape is your choice, either rectangle or square. Just by stylishly wrapping a colourful scarf around your neck, you can jazz up an otherwise boring look. The best thing is you can tie them in so many ways. You can use it as a bandeau top, tube top, headband and bandana. So, ladies, you need to have a scarf in your wardrobe.

Last suggestion: WARDROBE STAPLES/ESSENTIALS should be ones that you are comfortable with. Choose according to your taste and personality.

So, that’s it for my FIRST blog everyone. I hope that you guys liked it. Do leave comments below. Thankyou so much!✨♥️

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