These are purely some instant tips and tricks that I use to look more put together and polished with very little effort.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

# Setting up your hair

One of my favourite and it really makes a huge diiference in your apperance. Your hair makes the most difference for your overall outfit, even more than makeup I think. If you are wearing a nice outfit but your hair is not done accordingly, it takes away that oomph from your outfit. So make sure that your hair is in place. If you have any fly away hair, make sure to fix it up into place. You can use bit of products like serum or hair gel or hair spary but please take care that your hair is set to look more stylish and more put together.

# Wearing a good lipstick

My second tip would be wearing a good lipstick. I belive that every girl should have a good red and a nude lipstick which suits their skin tone. You can have the other shades later but if you want to look put together and classy, have a good red and nude lipstick that complements you skin tone and wear it on the basis of occassion. Even if you have on no other makeup, Just wear a good lipstick and you’ll look put together right away, you don’t have to do anything else.

# Getting your nails done

My third important tip would be getting your nails done. You should always make sure that your hands and nails are lotioned and painted. If you have a nice neat nails, it always makes a big difference. You should always put a good nail paint, it makes your finger and your hands look very neat and very clean. Having nice nails always adds that little pep to your step and when your nails look good, you feel good.

# Iron your clothes

Next is to iron your clothes. This is going to be the least enjoyable part of getting dressed up I think but it is a very important part of making sure that your outfit looks great. Ironing your clothes will make you presentable, more polished and feel good about yorself. Wrinkled clothes will make you look messy. So make sure to wear nice crisped ironed clothes and just make an impression.

# Wearing monochrome outfits

Again one of my favourite and that is to wear monochrome outfit. Monochrome outfit means stick to one color from top to bottom, ofcourse shades can vary. I think this is the one trick that is easy to apply and always gives excellent result. If you play with the lot of color, u can probably go wrong and you don’t want to do that! So just stick to one color, If you want to look more chic and stylish. And creating a monochrome look is not that tuff and you can look high fashion guaranteed. 

# Switch up your shoes

In my experience, shoes really have the ability to transform the outfit. Your shoes will tell alot about your personality, So always invest in your shoes and just by changing out your shoes, you can change the whole vibe of that outfit. So my tip is to swap casual shoes for more dressy shoes or something a little bit more polished.  If you want to look more put together, go for pointy shoes. That is more classy, effortless and definetely more chic.

# Styling your outfits

It always comes down to styling because it is a key to look more put together and polished. You can be wearing the exact same thing as someone else and it will look completely different, just on how you style it on your own personal body with your own personal taste. So I would like to give my recommendation is to never neglect styling. Styling is all in our control and it will make your outfits a very thoughtful.

So those were my 8 eight ways to instantly look more put together. If you enjoy reading this post and thought it was interesting or helpful at all, I would love for you to hit the like button down below.

So thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you very soon. BYE.❤️

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