Summer Capsule Wardrobe |2020|

As we are at the last day of May, I’m updating my list of summer wardrobe essentials.

So, without much delay, lets get into this post.

1. T-shirt:

A good light color T-shirt is something you should must-have in summer. Why light color? Because dark color absorbs more heat than light color. You can wear it with anything and pair it up with accessories. Make sure to choose a tee that fits well and a neckline that flatters you and you’ll be good to go.

2. Tank Top:

When it comes to hot sticky weather, I think wearing tank top is the best choice. They can be easily worn anywhere with anything, whether it’s a skirt, shorts, jeans or with any kind of bottoms. It’s the perfect mix of comfy and style. Accessories it with scarf or a chunky jewelery to add a pop of color and some interest to the outfit.

3. Romper:

A romper is a relaxed all-in-one summer look that requires no effort. You can style it in many ways and can kill your summer style. You can add a fitted blazer to make it more formal and a denim jacket for a casual look. So it’s a perfect addition to your closet.

4. Shorts:

Who doesn’t love wearing shorts in summer? I think everyone does. And the best part is you can also mix and match the majority of your top to create more outfit with this single piece. I’d suggest you to go for lightweight fabric like cotton, rayon, linen because they are super comfortable. So go and try out some relaxed easy breezy shorts.

5. Skirts:

Skirts are also a favourable option and as comfortable as shorts. It is easy to throw on still it looks like you put a bit more effort into it. So, whether it’s a mini or midi, maxi or pencil, plain or printed, Invest in one that you love and you won’t regret.

6. Pants:

Summer is so difficult as it is hot and you don’t want to wear anything uncomfortable in such days. So to get full relaxation, wear a easy breezy loose pants. It is easy to wear and its loose-fitting allows you to move freely anywhere. It is perfect to go with t-shirt, tank top, spaghetti or any kind of tops.

7. Loose Jeans:

They are perfect choice for summer and it’s much more relaxed and comfortable than a skinny jeans. It will take you through the hot Indian summer weather easily. The fit is baggy and loose which makes it breathable and comfortable in the rising temperatures and loose fit is flattering on every body type.

8. T-shirt Dress:

The casual T-shirt dress is an excellent combination of style and comfort and it is a must-have for summer. All you need to do is find the right one for you to beat the summer heat in style, wheather it’s striped, plain, printed, or oversized.

9. Maxi Dress:

Maxi dresses are flowy, comfortable and perfect for the hot weather. They are easy to wear and appropriate for a range of formal and informal events. So do invest in some good maxi dresses this summer, accessories it well and you can never go wrong. 

10. Cardigan:

According to me, wearing denim jacket in the summer is not a good choice especially if you are wearing it during day because its very hot in India during summer. But you don’t wanna get tanned! So a lightweight cardigan is a nice alternative to a denim jacket. They can be easily worn over a dress or shorts or skirt or a jeans.

11. Sunglass:

There’s no better way to finish off a stylish summer outfit than with some sleek shades. Not only do they protect your eyes from direct sun but a great pair of shades make you look fashionable in a way no other accessory can. So It’s a key part of any summer wardrobe.

12. Flats:

A happy feat can really make a lot of difference in comforting you. So ditch the heels and grab comfortable, stylish flats. They are a must when it comes to the hot summer, whether it’s a loafers, espadrilles and ballets. choose bright colored flats for casual wear and others in subtle colors for semi formals which you can easily wear to your workplace.

13. White Shoes:

White sneakers becomes popular with some reasons. Firstly, It keeps the look more fresh than a pair of black shoes and stands out much more than a pair of nude shoes. Secondly, You can hardly find any clothes that can not be paired with white shoes. So if by any chance, you don’t have it, go and buy now.

14. Bag:

Last but not the least, Carring bag is most important in summer especially. You need to carry a scarf, a bottle of water, a shades and many things, so you should be smart and take a bag with you to carry a certain number of essentials wherever you go. Not only you can carry your stuffs in it but It’s a style statement these days. So I feel a bag is a necessary wardrobe staple for every women.

That’s it guys for today. What are you waiting for? Summer is here, pick your favourite essentials, style them and kick off the summer.

I hope you liked the post, let me know in the comments which essentials are your favourite and how are you gonna style them.

Bye. See you next time!♥️

Image Source: PINTEREST

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