Drab TO Fab in 5 mins! #NoFoundation

Who doesn’t want to look good and put together in just few minutes? I think everyone does. So today’s article is all about turning yourself from DRAB TO FAB in 5 minutes which will brighten up the face and you’ll only need 7 products. If you are office going lady or a college student, you can definitely use this. 

So let’s quickly get started!

# Applying Concealer

First is to applying concealer because it helps you to brighten up your under eye. So apply there and also on the area where you have acne marks. Now just blend it using sponge or a brush, whichever you’re comfortable with. You can also use your finger and blend it out because it’s faster that way. It will cancel out your darkness and I think this what you are looking for.

# Setting The Concealer

Next is setting or locking the concealer before it starts to sit in the under eye creases. So quickly take the small amount of loose powder and apply this with a fluffy brush everywhere you have applied the concealer. Then whatever left on the brush, just pat on the T-zone (the area around your nose, china and central forehead) because this is the area where it gets oily the most. It again helps you to brighten up.

# Fill In The Brows

Now, jumping on brows, which are the most important part of this look because they are what will define your face and make a huge difference. So, pick any brow pencil or definer that works for you, and first outline the brows and then start filling them with very light hand because you want them to look natural.

# Wearing Kajal

Now, let’s talk about eyes. Add just one stroke of kajal and that is enough for your eyes to look attractive. You can also skip this but I love applying kajal in my waterline and the day I don’t apply, people ask me if I’m sick. I am sure this happens to many of us.

# Applying Mascara

Now finish the eye makeup with a coat of mascara. There are many amazing mascara available in the market, so whichever is your favourite, go for that and just go crazy with your lashes because that’s what makes your eye really stand out.

# Adding Blush

After eyes, I think blush is so important. So put a little amount of blush because blush ties in the whole look together and makes it look like you have put in some efforts. So make sure you add a subtle layer of blush to give your skin a natural rosy texture.

# Wearing Lipstick

Now, at last apply any lipstick of your choice to finish the look and you are good to go.

That’s it for today guys. You can switch in your products, you can add or minus the steps that you think you want but this is my go-to makeup look for those days when I’m in hurry. You can also start applying makeup with these points in mind and pull of the the perfect look any day any where.

Thankyou for reading and will see you on Thursday.

Until next time, B Y E.

Image Source: PINTREST

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