Little Milestone! #50followers

I usually don’t post on Wednesday but I had to today because I just woke-up and saw that I’ve reached 50 followers for my blog. I want to thank every single one of you who have followed my blog. I truly appreciate your support and I’m so glad that you all are enjoying my blog post.😊

Now moving onto likes. I made it to 200 likes total. It’s not even been a month I started blogging and I reached 50 followers and 200 likes total. Although it’s not much, but still I’m so happy to reach here. This is such a motivation which will encourage me to write more and more.βœ¨πŸ’―

So far it has been an wonderfull experience to blog here and getting to see everyone’s beautiful blog and getting to know each other. This community for the most part is so kind and inclusive.✨

Thank you so much everyone for all the love and support.β™₯️

Looking forward to meet many amazing bloggers out there!! Also, Let’s get to 100 follows and more and more.😊


that chic fashion

33 thoughts on “Little Milestone! #50followers”

      1. You’re very much welcome! Although I don’t put make-up all the time and especially now that we all can’t get out yet, I will totally take these advice for the next time! Also, I absolutely love the make-up tips you share. Cheers!

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