Deyga Skincare |Face Pack|Lip Scrub|Hair Serum|Review

Being a skincare addict I always want to try out new products. But I have always been a skin concious girl who doesn’t want to harm her skin by using chemical products. So I recently came across this brand Deyga Organics and I am fortunate enough that they sent me their three products: Rose and Mulethi Face Pack, Lip Scrub and Hair serum.

Their products are all pure, handcrafted and natural. I have started using their products over a week now and I’m quite impressed with their products.

Today I am gonna be sharing my experience about them. So let’s quickly get started.

1. Rose & Mulethi Face Pack

Deyga Rose & Mulethi Skin Brightening Face Pack comes in very eco-friendly packaging. It comes in cylindrical cardboard box and inside that there’s a glass jar which contains face pack. It has a screw cap on it. Face pack comes in a powder form and It suits every skin types.

MY EXPERIENCE: This is my most favourite amongst all three products. I have been using this face pack daily over a week now. It has very mild fragrance of rose and mulethi. It acts as a exfoliators too because the face pack granules are not fully powered. It instantly removes dead cells from my skin and brighten it up. It makes my face look very soft and clear. Mulethi helps in conditioning my skin. The quality of this face pack is amazing and it is 100% pure herbal powder. You can see the difference even after the first use. As it is a blend of 100% herbal powder, you can use it on kids too. Just take patch test to find if they are allergic to any natural ingredients. As per the price, I felt the quantity and quality both are amazing.


Native Rose Grains, Mulethi, Oat Meal, Skin Cherishing Essential Oils


Add a few drops of milk/water to a table spoon of powder. Apply a thick layer on the skin and let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash off with a gentle massage.

SHELF LIFE: 8 months

PRICE: INR 490 for 200ml

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2. Lip Scrub

Taking care of your lip is as important as your skin cause it easily gets cracked and chapped. I always had this problem of dry and chapped lips but now I gave them a farewell with Deyga Strawberry Lip Scrub.

MY EXPERIENCE: I am using it daily and I’m pretty happy with the results. It exfoliates dead skin, nourishes the lips and makes it pink effortlessly. The product comes in a cute tin jar which is travel friendly. It effectively prevents dry and tanned lips and makes it look soft and supple. For the better result I’ll recommend to apply lip balm after using lip scrub.


Ingredients, Organic Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil, Granulated Sugar, Vitamine E, Strawberry Essential Oil


Take a pinch and scrub your lips for two minutes. Wash off and follow up with your favourite lip balm.

SHELF LIFE: 6 months

PRICE: INR 290 for 20g

Click here to buy!

3. Hair Serum

Deyga Rose Gold Serum comes in a glass bottle with a dropper in it and this bottle is inside the sleek cylindrical cardboad box. This hair serum acts like a protective covering to the hair shaft. It is blended with pure 100% organic ingredients and essential oils to promote new and healthy hair growth. It stimulates hair from root to tip and leaves the scalp feeling healthy, free from dryness and irritation.

MY EXPERIENCE: I apply it after washing my hair with shampoo. I take 4-5 drops of hair serum, gently rub the serum between my palms and then apply it onto the midsection and at the ends of my hair. It conditions my hair and make it less frizzy, and it feels much smoother after using it. Also It adds nice shine to my hair. Dropper makes it more convenient to use. I have literally fallen in love with this non greasy light hair oil serum.


100% Organic Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamine E Oil


Drop some liquid gold on to scalp and give s gentle massage for the serum to penetrate in.

SHELF LIFE: 8 months

PRICE: INR 750 for 30ml

Click here to buy!

Each product does what it claims to do without containing unnecessary ingredients. If your skin is in the need of some pampering, you should definitely try out their amazing skincare products. I would 100% recommend this brand.

For any query about the products and usage, feel free to ask me.

This post is sponsored by Deyga Organics but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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