Beauty Hacks |Part 2|

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. Some days back, I published a post on Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know and all of you guys seemed to really like it. So I thought why not I should make more of it.

So let’s quickly get started.

# Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

When you apply lipstick, sometimes it also gets applied to your teeth. Well, in that case, put your finger in your mouth after applying lipstick. Then close your lips around your finger and the excess lipstick will get transferred on your finger.

# Make Your Own Lip Gloss

I am a girl who doesn’t want to invest in lip gloss because I like applying matte lipstick most of the time. But there are times when I do want to apply lip gloss. So what I do is take some eyeshadow, mix it up petroleum jelly and I get my lip gloss in just a few seconds.

# Make Your Lipstick Matte

This is one of my favourite hacks since the day when matte lipstick was not there, and It really works. Take a tissue and lay it onto your lips after applying lipstick. Now dust some setting powder onto tissue, so lipstick stays longer.

Bonus Tips: And when you want your lipstick to look completely matte, just put the powder directly onto your lips without putting tissue. Pat the powder and then remove the excess powder.

# Easy Application Of Glue

Applying glue on false eyelashes can be irritating something. But you can make it easier. How!!! Take a bobby pin, put glue onto it, and apply the glue on the false eyelashes with the tip of a bobby pin. It will give you more even result and also it’s a quick application.

# Check Your Make up

You should always check your make-up under different light because it helps you to find out any spots you have missed and you can fix it up then. Sometimes you don’t have proper lighting when you are applying makeup, so check your make-up under bright outside light before going stepping out.

That’s all for today guys. Let me know in the comment section that which hack is your favourite

Thankyou for reading.

Until next time, B Y E!❀️

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