Monsoon Style Hacks!

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So, monsoon is finally here and so is my guide on how you can survive during this season. Just follow these simple hacks to avoid the mess in this season and keep yourself stylish yet very comfortable.

Lets get started.


Let’s start with everyone’s favorite, clothes. During monsoon, avoid wearing white at the top because it becomes transparent or sheer easily on getting wet, and in that case, your innerwear can be visible. You should pick a happy bright color instead because it already dark and gloomy outside. And for the fabric, I would suggest you to not wear something that is sticky to your body. Go for cotton because it’s breathable and airy. You should also try some floral print as it will elevate your mood.

Now come to bottom wear. Avoid wearing denim because it’s a very thick material. If you get wet, it really sticks to your body and will give you maximum discomfort while sitting and moving. You can opt for cotton trouser instead or go for shorter hemline as it is easy to maintain. You can go for a skirt, shorts, and ankle-length bottom wear.


During the monsoon, you should avoid putting heavy or layered makeup because it will look cakey. You can use a 5 step simple makeup routine instead. And for that all need is CC cream or moisturizer, a compact to set in, mascara to give lashes some volume and fill in your brows by same mascara, a little bit of blush and lipstick or a lip balm. Lastly, make sure that all the products you are using are waterproof.


Even if it’s monsoon, your skin is not safe from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun and it also tends to get sweaty and greasy easily. So, avoid using much but do use some moisturizer or sunscreen that contains SPF. Along with it, make sure to wash your face two-three times a day and drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and wary of toxins leading to acne and pimple.


My first tip would be to wash your hair regularly with water and shampoo and for frizzy hair, when you are washing your hair, at last use some really cold water, so it makes a difference on your frizzy hair. Next tip is to not tie your hair into a bun because when you tie a bun, all the moisture and the greases are locked inside of it, and because of that they may become a little stinky, sticky and you may also get dandruff. You can go for a ponytail or loose hair style instead.


For your shoes, please don’t be stupid. Avoid wearing shoes, heels, and a light color or any sort of leather footwear because they will get ruined easily in the rain. So, get a nice pair of rubber or silicon flats because they are cheap and washable too. You can also go for sturdy slippers or crocs slippers.


Some people avoid wearing jewelry during rainy season. You don’t need to this actually. Try to wear a jewelry which does not get damaged because of the rain. You should definitely not wear metallic jewelry because it can cause rashes and wetness on your skin. Go for plastic, wooden jewelry or something which is made up of clay or wax. They won’t even get rusty and they would not smell bad also. They are easily available in the market.


This is the section where I’m gonna be sound like mom. Hahaha!! Jokes apart. I will share four tips here. The first tip is to get a plastic cover for your phone. The second tip is to ditch leather during monsoon cause it catches fungus and leather will come apart from the fabric line which is inside. So cover them in a cotton cloth and store it somewhere for other seasons. The third tip is to carry an umbrella cause it may rain anytime. The last tip is to carry a bag with you to carry all the stuff. Do not carry leather bags. Go for a cane bag or silicon bag. And make sure that your bag has a zip.

So that’s all for today guys. Do let me know in the comment section below that which hack is your favorite.

Thanks for the reading. I hope you all liked it.

Until next time, B Y E!❤

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