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Hii everyone!

I hope you all are doing well.

Today, I am starting a brand new series called BACK TO BASICS. Here I will talk about very basic pieces and will share some ideas on how can you guys style them in different ways. You can incorporate them easily into your daily life to look more polished and chic. I hope you guys end up liking this series.

This is the 1st part of this series where I’m starting with a basic white T-shirt! I think the white tee is a very versatile piece. You can simply wear it with anything. I mean possibilities are just endless.

So without wasting any time, Let’s quickly jump on to the first look!

# Simple Yet Classy

Starting off with denim jeans. I know it’s very common but I had to include it. I will talk about two different looks here. Basic and Not so basic.

Wearing a plain white with a good pair of baggy denim can never go wrong. Cuff the jeans, add a nice pair of white sneakers and you are good to go. Don’t forget to carry a bag and wear shades for adding oomph to your outfit.

Pair a tee with the same jeans but with a little twist. Knot the top by using a rubber band, layer some junkie gold neckpiece, wear heels and you are ready to rock on your (not so basic) outfit. Very simple yet very classy, no!

# Girly Fun

Pair your plain boring white tee with a nice printed skirt. Why printed skirt? You’re already wearing a plain t-shirt, and when your pair it up with a printed skirt, It creates a balance (plain+printed) to your outfit. Keep your accessories simple with it. Just add some neckpiece, shades and match your bag with the prints of the skirt.

# Double Denim

There is no look better than denim on denim when you want to look smart effortlessly and this is my personal favorite. It looks super cool when you pair a denim jacket with denim bottoms be it a skirt, jeans, short, or pants. You just need to pick up the right fit. Along with it, accessories like a cool watch and a good pair of shoes (heels, sneakers or boots) can uplift the look.

# As A Layering Piece

Next up is this look. You can use a white tee as a layering piece. It is perfect to layer under your strappy dresses for a different look. Pair up your outfit with shoes for a sporty vibe and wear heels when you wanna look casual. Remember, the shoes that you wear with it can definitely elevate your outfit, so choose it wisely.

# Go Casual

Pairing a white tee with loose comfy pants is another way of styling and it is perfect to wear during summer season. Just try to match your accessories like footwear, bag, and belts to look more put together. It’s also a great idea for college fashion.

# All White Look

Want to uplift your look without any efforts! Go for a monochrome outfit. It has the power to elevate your outfit in just a few minutes and white on white looks even more fabulous and clean. For a casual look, you can pair it with white loose pants and add a good pair of white sneakers. And for a classic look, throw a white blazer onto it with wearing a nice pair of heels. To add some pop of color, you can carry a bag that matches your heels. At last, wearing sunglasses with both the outfit can make you look stand out.

# Add On A Blazer

Last but not the least. Pair your boring white tee with skinny jeans and throw a structured blazer over it. Keep your accessories minimal with it. If you want to put some make up, then go light base with red lips. Carry a bag and wear heels to add some chic vibe.

So, guys, that’s all for the 1st part of this series. I hope you guys liked it. Let me know in the comments section that which outfit look is your favorite. Also tell me, which styling piece you guys want me show about in the next Back To Basics blog series.

Thank you reading!✨

Until next time, B Y E!🌼❀

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