What’s In My Bag? Let’s invade!

Hii everyone!! Today I'm doing the most viral segment called what's in my bag. I carry my bag almost everywhere. I'm a backpack person because I think you can keep your stuff more organized in a backpack rather than a handbag. So let's see what's inside my bag. # Wallet Starting off with a wallet,… Continue reading What’s In My Bag? Let’s invade!


Another Milestone! #200followers

|Growth Is Growth||No Matter How Small| Last Sunday, I was thrilled to know that I'd reached the 200 followers on my blog. I am really happy and filled with so much gratitude. Thank you so all of you for making this happen and showering me with endless love and support every day. I hope to… Continue reading Another Milestone! #200followers

back to basic

Back To Basics Part 2: Ways To Style Black Leggings

Hii Girls! I hope you all are doing well! So, I'm back with part 2 of the Back To Basics series. Here, I talk about very basic pieces and share ideas on how can you style them. You can check out part 1 of this series by clicking here. Today, I'm gonna be talking about… Continue reading Back To Basics Part 2: Ways To Style Black Leggings


5k+ Views and 1k+ Likes!🌼

Hey, lovelies!✨🥀 Hope you all are having a great week! So, today I'm here to tell you that I recently made it to 1K likes total and crossed 5K views on my blog. This actually means that so many people around the world found my blog, read it and liked my content.🥺🌼 I never thought… Continue reading 5k+ Views and 1k+ Likes!🌼


Summer Outfit Ideas | #noshortclothes

Hey guys! You always tell me that you like my outfit ideas I share here but not all of you wear them because of the dress code, public transport, awkwardness, etc. So, I thought why not I should help you this time. So, today I'm sharing 5 outfit ideas, especially for my girls who aren't… Continue reading Summer Outfit Ideas | #noshortclothes


Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award |First Nomination|

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great! I was recently nominated for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award by the very beautiful and my dearest blogger pal Xandria!! Thank you so much, Xandria! I feel so grateful and excited. It is my FIRST ever nomination for a Blogger Award. Thanks a ton for giving… Continue reading Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award |First Nomination|