Summer Outfit Ideas | #noshortclothes

Hey guys!

You always tell me that you like my outfit ideas I share here but not all of you wear them because of the dress code, public transport, awkwardness, etc. So, I thought why not I should help you this time.

So, today I’m sharing 5 outfit ideas, especially for my girls who aren’t comfortable wearing shorts clothes due to their personal reasons. I hope this is something you enjoy reading.

Let’s get started

# Go Casual Chic

This kind of relaxed fit cropped jeans are very much in trend right now and I think it’s a must-have for summer. They are comfortable and versatile. You can pair them up with t-shirts, crop tops, spaghetti tops, and bralettes. For the footwear also, you have varieties of options to wear like ballerinas, canvas, flat sandals, etc. I mean possibilities are just endless. Try doing a bit mix and match and you will get the result. Keep your makeup minimal with it and carry a bag or wear a cap to add some coolness to your outfit.

# Add Fresh Elegance

Nothing is more comfortable to wear than an easy breezy dress during summer. What I like about this kind of dress is that they are perfect for any occasion. You can wear it at night with wedges or pointy heels and during the day with flat sandals and sneakers. Remember, your footwear is the best accessory to get the transition from a day outfit to a night out style. Lastly, combine your look with some dainty gold necklace, earrings and carry a small but eye-catching bag. It will look great!

# Don’t Forget Overalls

These comfy overalls are my personal favorite. It is easy to wear but won’t let anyone know that you have not spent more than five minutes to get ready. You can wear a tube top or a loose t-shirt underneath or top with a denim jacket for a dressier look. It will work with sneakers, flats, and heels as well but choose it wisely because footwear has the power to transform your entire look in just a few seconds. To look extra polished, carry a bag that complements your outfit.

# Slip Into Skirt

This look is simple yet charming but wearing a floral print skirt can be a little tricky at times. When you are wearing such an eye-catching print on the skirt, your top should be more subdued. Tank tops, halter tops, camisoles, tube tops, and t-shirts, you can style them all but make sure to create a proper balance to the outfit by choosing the right top wear. Select tops in color found in your skirt, you’ll have quite a few options when it comes to top selection because skirt contains several colors. Your shoe choice should be casual such as flats, espadrilles, sneakers, or flip flops.

# Suiting For Summer

Loose comfy pants are a must-have when it comes to summer. You can pair them up with simple tees or shirts but with the tops like camisoles, tube top, spaghetti, or bralette, you can give it a different touch. They are more casual with the flat shoes and in a moment you can transform your look into an elegant one with a pair of heels. Keep your makeup according to the way you dress up and yes , don’t forget to wear a nice watch.

So, that’s it today guys! I hope you got inspired looking at the outfits for the summer season. I prepared for you all!❀

Leave a comment below telling me which outfits ideas did you like the most. I will keep creating amazing outfits ideas.🌈

Thank you for reading!🌻

Until next time, B Y E!πŸ’œ

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