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10 Ways To Style A Culottes! Back To Basics Part 3

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Part 3 of the “Back To Basics” series. In case you have not read the first two parts of this series, make sure to read. Here are part 1 and part 2. In today’s blog post I’ll be sharing 10 different outfits ideas using the black pants.

Black pants are that one wardrobe essential that we can pair them up with anything. They are perfect for colleges, parties, travel, and many more. I prefer the high waist pant which is little cropped from the bottom (also called culottes) because that suits my body type (I’m short heighted). But culottes can be worn by tall girls too. It suits every body type. You can create multiple outfits just by changing your tops and accessories. And apart from this, what else do we girls want!!! Hahaha!!

This is the type of culottes that I prefer.

NOTE: Whatever pictures I have used further for the reference, that is only for the tops I wanted to show you. I couldn’t get the exact pictures for the pants. So, pardon me for that.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s quickly get started.

# Casual Looks

Starting off with some casual looks. You can pair your pants with any basic t-shirt. To tie the look further, layer some gold dainty necklace, carry a bag and wear heels in the same color. If you don’t have them in the same color. You can switch to sneakers or black heels as well. That looks smart too.

For the next look, you can pair it with a little loose spaghetti top and top it off with the shrug. To add some pop of color, wear a bright color lipstick. Lastly, layer again some gold necklaces and wear heels. Heels look absolutely fabulous with the culottes.

A fitted crop top also looks chic with such culottes. The loose fit of the pants complements the tight fit of the top. Plus, the little skin showing in the front makes me fall for it. It is sexy but smart at the same time. Lastly, tie a colorful scarf onto the handles of your bag, carry it, and slip into your favorite pair of heels or pointy flats.

# Formal Looks

Now let’s move on to the next category, which means styling these pants for the office. I’m starting with a plain grey T-shirt which is slightly high neck. Hence, it looks apt for the office. To make it more formal and sophisticated, add a blazer over the t-shirt. Lastly, wear a nice watch and the heels or flats which are not open from the front.

You can also go for this kind of top style shirt/ shirt instead of a t-shirt. Just tuck in top inside, put on your gold earrings, wear heels, and you will be sorted with your formal outfit. I love the fact that such pants look smart at the workplace and are comfortable as well.

Another look you can create is this one. Wear a turtle neck top with culottes. This also looks apt for the office. I guess the options are endless when it comes to the top. To make it more perfect for the office, make a center parting sleek ponytail (like a model in the picture) or a low bun. Keep your makeup minimal, put on the gold earrings and you will be good to go.

# Party Looks

Moving on, we are onto our last category and that is how to style these pants for the parties or with some stylish top. You can style a spaghetti top with such kind of pants. Put on your favorite stilettos, carry a bag, do some makeup and you will be ready to rock your simple yet chic outfit.

You can pair bralette, tube top as well with the culottes. It looks very sexy. I love how these high waisted pants add elegance to the super cropped top. For footwear, you can wear heels or pointy flats.

Tip: If you are not comfortable wearing a strappy top, then you can layer a denim jacket onto it. Switch to sneakers from the heels. You will still look smart.

You can style an off-shoulder top with culottes. I think the pants add so much grace to the top. Just add a statement necklace with it, it will instantly uplift your outfit.

You can also style your culottes with these kinds of full sleeve crop top. If you are confused that what should you wear, always opt for the plain basic because that looks really chic. To tie the look further, wear red lipstick and a nice pair of heels. Also, when you are accessorizing, try to put on 2-3 things in the same color. I mean either match your lipstick with your bag or earrings or your heels. It looks more put together that way.

So, what I was trying to say is you can style any kind of tops with such pants depending on what is your style and what is available in your closet.

And with this, we completed 10 different looks. That’s it for today. I will be back with more outfit ideas. I hope it would be helpful for you. Make sure to tell me what blog post you want next. I will try my best to write.

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Until next time, B Y E!❀

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