Style Decode

Style Decode! Ep 1

All our reasons for getting dressed up have disappeared, people are either indoors lounging in their pajamas or if they do head out, they are covered head to toe, protective face mask, and all. But I got so bored with it, so I decided to get dressed up to feel fresh. I styled myself and did a mini photoshoot. For me, styling/dressing up is the one thing that always brightens up my mood instantly. You should also try this, I’m sure it will definitely uplift your mood during this uncertain pandemic.

So, now without wasting any time, let’s quickly start with decoding my look.

I wanted to wear something chic and smart. So I thought I should style black pants. They are one such wardrobe staple that goes with everything. You can style with any top depending on your style and occasions. They are apt for college, party, vacation and office as well. I got these pants from Zara. They are super high waisted and little cropped from the bottom. I really like its style and it flatters on my body type. I have also written a post on how to style black pants differently. You can check out here.

Coming to the top wear, to bring about an edge to the outfit, I simply wrapped a scarf like a top, secure it with the safety pins at the back and tucked it in. I’m sure you must have seen many bloggers doing this on Instagram or youtube. Since the color of the pants is black, I wanted to wear something bright on the top. So, went with this one. Scarf tops are very much in trend these days and they look super stylish and fashionable. I think scarfs are multiple accessories in one. You can incorporate a scarf into your outfit in many ways. I have said about it so many times, you can check it out by clicking here. If you want to look a bit sassier or you are not comfortable in wearing a scarf top, you can layer a jacket over it. That looks equally sassy and smart.

Moving on to the accessories, I layered some dainty gold necklaces. Why gold necklaces!! Because it’s complementing the gold color which is there on my scarf. I got these necklaces from shein. Then, I wore a watch, and I was lucky enough to have a watch with a black strap that is complementing my pants. I got this watch from Daniel Klein (Myntra). You can also carry a bag with it. Accessories always spice up your outfit. You should definitely invest in that.

I have kept my makeup very minimal, which was basically a thin winged liner, one coat of mascara, a subtle red lipstick, and a bit highlighter. As for my hair, I thought that just keeping it open and messy would be good enough.

For my footwear, I didn’t wear anything because I was clicking the portraits. But If I had worn, it would have been either a nice pair of black stilletos or the heels that would complement my top and a bag. Because you don’t always have matching accessories.

Overall, I feel this outfit is perfect to wear in the evening parties or vacation. It looks quite fashionable and trendy.

So, that’s it for today guys. I will be back with more such style decoding. I hope you guys liked it. Do tell me in the comment section below if you like it because it motivates me to create more for you all.

Until next time, B Y E!πŸ₯€β€

28 thoughts on “Style Decode! Ep 1”

      1. Well I don’t know how a writer will feel like doing DIYs. Haha!
        For the time being I will be sticking to writing but if we meet someday we can definitely share our ideas and since you have many you can fill me on them.❀️❀️
        Oh! I will definitely stay connected. 🌸❀️

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