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Black Blazer Styling| Back To Basics Part 4

You must want to level up your outfit effortlessly? Don’t you?

So, I’m back with part 4 of the BACK TO BASICS series. I will be sharing some ideas on how you guys can look instantly stylish just by throwing on a black blazer. The blazer that I recommend would be a long line blazer (which is a bit longer than the standard height) because that is more versatile and multi-purpose. You can style it not just for your office, but also for party wear and casual wear. So, definitely get yourself a black longline blazer.

For now, let’s get started.

# Evergreen Combo

So, the first look that I’m starting off with these casual jeans t-shirt look. Yes, girls! This combo is the one that we girls wear the most. So why not, style it smartly!! Pair any kind of t-shirt with your favorite pair of denim and throw on a blazer, you will instantly look 1000 times more chic and smart. A good blazer really helps in spice up your outfit. To combine the look further, wear loafers or sneakers and carry a bag that complements your overall look. And also, do not forget to wear some dainty jewelry and a watch.

# Beyond Basics

Second look is a bit sassier than our first look. This time, pair a spaghetti top instead of a casual t-shirt and switch on to heels instead of loafers, and within a minute, you change the entire vibe of the outfit. Remember, girls, you can instantly switch from casual to sassy just by changing your top and your footwear. Your shoes are the game-changer.

# Put On A Denim

Next, you can pair it with denim skirts or shorts. It looks stylish with them also. Select any basic tee, pair it up with denim shorts or a skirt and just top it off with the black blazer to spice up your outfit. You can see how chic it looks in the picture below. Lastly, to look more put together, wear shades, layer some necklace, carry a bag and wear a nice pair of ballerinas that complements your bag or your outfit.

# Test The Print

After denim, how can we not talk about animal prints? They are very much in trends from the last few years. Pair a square neck top with the skirt because it creates a nice straight pattern that looks very good with a blazer and also focuses attention on your stacked jewelry more. And also, a black blazer complements the print of your skirt. Now, to complete the look, wear a good pair of sneakers and carry a tan bag.

# Adding Freshness

After skirts, pair a black blazer with light color dresses. With them, it looks equally smart and stylish. Just make sure to wear heels and carry a bag in black color to combine the look together. You can also add a belt (like a model does in the 2nd picture) if you are not wearing a body con dress to cinch in that beautiful waist. Keep your makeup minimal and add some jewelry if you want.

# Wear Monochrome

Now, let’s talk about one monochrome look because it never goes wrong. YK what I mean! Pair a bralette with a black leather skirt or shorts, and add a black blazer over it. Carry a nice bag and slip into your favorite pair of black heels. To add some pop of color, wear a good red lipstick. If you are not comfortable wearing a bralette, you can definitely switch to a spaghetti top.

# Invest In Formals

Now, we are only left with formal looks. So, let’s start. Pair any round neck plain t-shirt with black jeans, pants or culottes and throw on a black blazer. You will be sorted with your office look without thinking much. Since it’s a formal look, go for the footwear that is close in the front. Better to go for pumps or pointy flats. Lastly, to combine the look, carry a nice structured black handbag that will also help you to carry your important stuff.

# Stick To Classics

Girls, we are onto our last look for today. This look is my personal favorite. Pair black pants with a long white shirt, and add a black blazer over it. I think this look is perfect for the day when you have to give some presentations in college or office. Tie your hair into a sleek ponytail, carry a nice structured bag, keep your makeup light and you will be good to go. You can also pull up your sleeves to look more stylish.

So, that’s it guys for today. I hope you liked it and got some ideas to elevate your outfit effortlessly. I will be back with more such ideas. Till then keep scrolling to my blogs and comment down below your suggestions.🌼πŸ₯€

B Y E!🌈❀


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