Slay In An All-White Outfit!

For the longest time, I used to think that styling white on white is the most tricky thing but now, when I started digging deep into the styling game, I can tell you that it is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, it’s very easy to slay an all-White look. Whenever you don’t find the right pair of pants, skirts, or a top to pair with each other, just grab the same color option (monochromatic theme) that you have. And I think in all the colors, White on white is that one combination that always steals the show and looks more chic and high fashion, and it is totally effortless.

So, today, I will be sharing 5 outfits ideas which will help you to slay an all-white outfit.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

# Play With Basics

The first obvious option is to wear a plain white top with a good pair of white jeans. Tuck your front side of the top inside and leave the rest of it out (french tuck) to make it look more stylish. Now, to combine the look further, wear a good pair of nude heels, carry a nude bag, and layer some dainty necklaces. For the makeup, you can keep it subtle just by wearing nude lipstick or wear a good red lipstick to glam up the look.

# Be A Boss Lady

Just by looking at this entire outfit, don’t you want to try? I mean it looks so chic and high fashion. Pick your favorite white tee and pair it up with a high waisted white pant. Now, throw a blazer over it to add an oomph to the outfit. Keep your makeup glowy and wear a dark red/maroon lipstick and to maintain the classy monochrome theme, wear white pumps or stilettos.

# Flaunt Your Collarbones

If you love to show off your sexy collar bone, you gotta try this one. Style your corset with white slim-fit trousers. Now, for the accessories, add a nice silver color watch and bracelets. To combine the look further, slip into your favorite pair of nude heels, and don’t forget to carry a cute handbag that matches your footwear. For a more structured look, make a sleek middle part hair. This hairdo instantly gives an edge to your overall outfit.

# Crushing Over Statement Sleeves

Another outfit option that I wanted to show is this one. This kind of full sleeves top also looks good with the high waist pant. This lantern sleeves tops are so much in trend these days. I love how the puffiness of the sleeves is being balanced by the volume at the bottom. This type of look suits skinny girls very well as they add volume to the body. Now, to complete the look, wear statement earrings, and carry a bag.

# Never Forget Classics

We talked so much about different kinds of tops. Let’s include a classic white shirt as well. Pair a cropped culottes with a favorite white shirt, and add a belt to cinch in that beautiful waist. Now for the accessories, add some dainty gold necklace and wear heels and carry a bag that matches your belt to look put together (preferably brown or black). Keep your makeup subtle and simple and you will be good to go.

That’s it for today guys! I hope you guys are no more confused with how to style and slay a white on white look. You can suggest below what blog post you want next, I will try my best to write it asap. Also, comment down below that which look is favorite.πŸ’œπŸŒˆ

Until next time, B Y E!πŸ₯€β€


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28 thoughts on “Slay In An All-White Outfit!”

  1. They all look absolutely stunning… But I’ll have to say #flaunt your collarbones and #crushing over statement sleeves are my favorites😍😍
    Great post as always Ankita❀

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I enjoyed your post but white clothes and I do not mix well. They don’t stay white long.
    Also, thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I hope it brings a beauty to your soul to match your appearance.

    Liked by 3 people

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