Mon-Sat Work Outfits For Winters!

Getting dressed up for the office during the winters is difficult for you?

Well, I’m sharing outfit ideas of the WEEK that your can wear to office. I hope this gives you some inspiration on what to wear to office and you can plan accordingly.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

1. Monday

Starting off with Monday. Pick your basic black pair of culottes and pair it up with the black turtle neck and thigh-high boots. Also, wear an inner inside the turtle neck. Even after wearing so these two, if you feel cold, layer a black jacket over it, and there you get your all-black classy work outfit. Now, make a sleek low bun to maintain the sophisticated office look. To finish off the look, carry a nice structured bag.

2. Tuesday

Moving on to Tuesday, pair the same culottes with a turtleneck and thigh-high boots. Now, instead of a jacket, layer an oversized sweater above it. It will look equally smart and office appropriate. Also, it’s not possible to tuck such a heavy sweater, so go for a french tuck (half-tucked in). Lastly, carry a nice bag that complements your outfit to complete your look stylishly.

3. Wednesday

Now, comes Wednesday! For that, pick your basic light color shirt and style it with the skirt. Now, it is so cold, just wearing one will not work. So, layer a sweater over it. Also, for the legs, you must want something that will keep you warm, so wear leggings under the skirt and go for a knee high boots. Lastly, keep your make simple and add some minimal accessories to finish off the look.

4. Thursday

It’s Thursday and for today pick your basic white turtle neck and pair it up with your favorite pair of denim. Now, just get a shawl, fold it multiple times, wrap it around your neck and just belt it up. Just make sure to match the belt with your bag or footwear. Lastly, add a blazer on top of it and you are ready to go. I think such kind of styles are perfect for the day when you are running late for work.

5. Friday

Now, for the Friday, re style your summer skirt with the same knee high boots, warm leggings and black turtle neck (just replace the pant with the skirt). I think, this is a really smart way if you want re-wear your summer skirts during the winters. Just style it with warm leggings and knee high boots, they will not only keep you warm but also look super cool and smart. Also, this outfit is perfect, if later in the evening you wish to go out with the friends. Nobody would get to know that you are coming from work. Lastly, don’t forget to carry a nice structured bag.

6. Saturday

Saturdays are chill and casual at most of the work place. Also, it’s the least motivated day to get ready for the work. So, just pick your basic white tee and style it any dark color denim. But, isn’t this combo looks extremely casual for the office? So, layer a jacket on top and there you get your cool and smart outfit for the work. Add some minimal accessories, wear complementing loafers with it and you will be good to go.

That’s it for today guys! I hope this gives you some inspiration on what to wear to work or to a job interviews.🌈πŸ₯€

Also, comment down below that which of these outfits are your favorite and how do you usually dress for work!❀✨

Until next time, B Y E!🌈✨

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      1. Thank you So much! I will be honest, I just don’t have a time to do research for myself and you are very good at it. I will very appreciate your work. Best wishes for the Holiday Season!

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