Easy & Casual Winter Outfits

If you don’t like experimenting with your winter outfits and still wanna look stylish and put together in your basics, I’m here to help you, my girl!

I’m sharing some basic yet chic outfits that would definitely flatter you. Also, sharing some tips here & there in the middle. So, do read the whole article, it would help you definitely!

Now, without any more blabbering, let’s get started.

# Go Casual Chic

This outfit instantly caught my eye when I saw it on Pinterest. I love how easily this outfit can be worn, yet it looks like you have given time in wearing it (you understood what I mean, right?). Style your loose sweater with black pants and tuck it from the front to give it a cool/casual look to the whole outfit. Why half tuck? Because if you would tuck the whole sweater inside the pants, it would bulky and you won’t want that, right? Now, to join the look further, carry a complementing bag and jump into the sneakers. Here, in the image below, white sneakers almost complementing the grey sweater, so you can try matching your shoes with at least one of the accessories that you’re wearing.

# Choose Checkered Pants

Checkered pants can never go out of fashion. They give such a smart appealing look to your personality. Just look at the image below, how chic and nice the outfit looks. Throw-in any sweater that would complement the pants nicely and you will be good to go. As for these pants, you can pair them up with black, beige, brown, cream, white, green, yellow. Lastly, to combine the look, wear your favorite sneakers and it would look like that you have invested time in planning your outfit. Also, if you want, you can add some minimal accessories like a small stud or a pendant to add that little bling to your outfit.

# Keeping It Neutral

The moment I see this picture, I instantly fell in love with this outfit and the way she styled it. It’s not that I haven’t seen anyone wearing this style, but I just love the color palette of the whole look. It looks so appealing to my eyes. Wear your white shirt with basic black denim and just layer a round neck sweater over it. Make sure that your shirt is longer than your sweater and pull out the shirt’s collar and cuff. A nice pair of brogue or loafers will do justice to the whole look, just match it with the sweater. For the hair, tie it into a high bun and wear a bright color lipstick to add some pop of color to the neutral tone outfit. Lastly, carry a sling bag to leave that impression.

# Wrap A Muffler

Okay, so this one is my most favorite and I keep doing this whenever I don’t wanna invest more time in deciding my outfit. Just pull out your favorite pair of denim and pair it with any jumper/sweater that you have. Now, to bring everything together, we will add 3 things, a bag, a muffler, and boots/sneakers. The best part about this look is that the more numbers of mufflers/stoles you would change, the more number of looks you would get. And, if you want to enhance the look a bit more, you can switch to different footwear as well. What I’m trying to say here is that just by switching the mufflers/shawls/stoles and shoes, you can style the same outfit in numerous ways.

# Add On A Denim

One denim to another but this time, adding sass with a denim jacket. All of us have at least one denim jacket and I must say that it’s the easiest way to upgrade the outfit in just a few seconds. You can go for an all-black look from head to toe and just top it off with a nice denim jacket. The moment you layer the jacket on top of the sweater, you would look so so smart. Also, don’t forget to add a nice belt, it kind of joint everything together. Here also, you can play with more colors if you want to and see what other outfits you can create. You can try different colors of sweaters or change the color of the belt/shoes or a bag. Just keep one thing in mind that everything has to complement each other.

That’s it for today guys. I hope that you get some styling ideas and can incorporate them easily. πŸ€—πŸ’›

Also, let me know your feedback for the post in the comment section below and if you have any suggestions, share that as well! I would love to know that and would be happy to help you guys!🌈🌻

Until next time, B Y E!πŸ₯€β€


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