The Spring Lookbook | 2021 |

SPRING has finally arrived with a burst of positivity and optimism after dealing with the cold for so long. The weather is warm, trees get leaves, fresh buds bloom. It’s the perfect weather before summer comes with its crazy temperatures.

So, here’s sharing 6 different spring outfit ideas for you all to try.

I hope you all like it. Let’s get started.

# Slip Into Shorts

Starting with this super cute shorts outfit. You will never go wrong with the floral in the spring time. Try pairing a colorful spaghetti top or a tank with floral shorts for a comfy casual feel. To join the look further, carry a sling bag, put on some dainty necklaces, and step into a nice pair of heels. If you are not a heels person, you can switch to flats or sneakers anytime. Just make sure that you don’t go for any printed top and choose the solid color top that would complement the shorts, this would look smarter than going all overprints and save you from looking like a garden.

# Stepping Into Skirt

Wearing a jumper or a simple tee with a skirt and a nice belt will definitely give you an edgy look. If you want a street-style look this season, you gotta try this one. Don’t forget to get some accessories that complement and complete the look you crave for. These include bags, sunnies, and some dainty jewelry. These simple but important items will elevate your look in just a few seconds! With it, a pair of lace-up boots add ruggedness and a little bit of an edge to the look.

# The Trend Of The Co-ords

Co-ords are a statement and you have to try them this spring season. You can get an outfit that you like and style it according to the vibe that you are going for, all you need to do is to switch your footwear, hair, and makeup. You can pair it with sneakers for a daytime casual look and can switch to fancy heels for the date night look. This outfit will uplift your mood whenever you wear it. Lastly, don’t forget to carry a bag or a clutch, again depending on the occasion you are wearing it for.

# Prints Never Go Wrong

Floral dresses are a must-have for the spring season. You can wear it to a college, party, picnic or a day at the beach. The playful vibe of the floral dresses makes them versatile for many occasions. All you need is one that you are comfortable in and fits your body perfectly. Just by accessorizing it well, you would steal the deal. And if you are extra like me, you should definitely add a hat, at least for the day at the beach.

# Kimono For The Win

Kimono has the power to transform any basic outfit and if you haven’t gotten it yet, try to get at least one, and you can thank me later. Wear your favorite pair of denim with a simple tee and top it off with a nice colorful kimono, and you would look like a million dollars. Lastly, throw in a pair of complementary color strappy sandals, a baguette bag, and some accessories like a pair of earrings and necklaces to complete the look gorgeously. Also, try to add a beret as a model does in this picture because adding it would make you look sassy and high fashion.

# Crushing Over Statement Top

Statement tops never go out of style. Different types of style come and go but a nice statement top with a pair of jeans is always in trend and makes you look effortlessly stylish. Pair a gorgeous statement with your favorite pair of denim and it won’t disappoint you ever. Choose the footwear depending on the vibe you are going for. Sneakers or flats, always for the casual day out, and heels for the perfect evening look. To join the look further, carry a bag, wear golden hoops, watch, and tie your hair into a ponytail for a more structured look.

That’s it for today guys! Hope you all liked it.

Let me know which spring outfits are you going to try? I would like to hear from you in the comment section below.πŸŒ»πŸ’›

Enjoy your spring.

Until next time, B Y E!❀πŸ₯€

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