Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Online Shopping!🚫

Going to the nearby stores or a mall for buying clothes seems like a dream due to the ongoing pandemic since the last year and it’s not even safe to go outside. So, the only choice we are left with is ONLINE SHOPPING. If I talk about myself, I mostly prefer online shopping because I find it more convenient and why I find it more convenient, I will give you three reasons for that.

Firstly, the convenience of not going to stores.
Secondly, an unlimited variety of products.
Thirdly, great discounts and coupons.

Keeping these 3 points in mind, I’ve been only doing online shopping for the last 4-5 years and based on my experience, I’ll be sharing a few mistakes that we tend to commit while online shopping, and due to these reasons, sometimes, we get poor-quality or loose-fitted clothes and then we regret.

So, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that will help you avoid such mistakes. Now, without any further ado, let’s get started.


The first and foremost thing we should take care of while online shopping is the fit and size of the cloth and for that, we need to check the size chart but many times, even after checking the size chart, we get the loose or tight fitted clothes. So, I tell you how do I order the right size.

# T-shirts & Tops

Firstly, let’s talk about tops, if you go through the size chart of the various sites like Amazon, Zara, or H&M, then according to the standard size chart, the bust size has mentioned for the XS is 32, S is 34, M is 36 and so on. So, you should buy according to that but this hack doesn’t work for everyone. For example, suppose if you are in the size 32 according to the bust size but you have gotten a fluffy tummy, you should go a size up. Because if you wear XS, it will tend to become tight around your tummy area and will highlight your tummy and that doesn’t look good. To avoid such conditions, just go a size up in the tops and t-shirts. If you wear XS, just go for S. But here’s is an exception, this hack is not for the crop tops and bralettes because they are cropped and they only cover your bust area. So, girls, try incorporating this hack and you will never get the wrong size again, I can assure you that.

# Jeans & Trousers

Now, let’s talk about jeans and trousers. The same problem you might face while ordering bottom wears. We are recommended to buy them according to the waist size but again this doesn’t work for everyone. So, if you struggle with thick thighs or heavy bottoms, I’d suggest, you check the hip size and buy according to that. It might turn out to be a little loose at the waist which can be altered but if it’s tight at the hip, you are not gonna fit in that. So, always refer to hip size before ordering your bottoms. Keep these points in mind, and you will never face the problem again.

Conclusion: The idea is to buy according to your problematic area. If you have a broad shoulder or larger tummy, just go a size up, and if you bigger hips or heavy thighs buy according to that. Don’t just buy according to your bust and waist.

# Footwear

When we are talking about size, let’s discuss footwear as well. For footwear, what I do is to remember my standard euro size or UK size along with my foot length. For example, my euro size is 36 and my foot length is 22.5. So, I always check that which EURO or UK size is next to my foot length. If that foot length is available at 37, I go with size Euro 37. Why I do this because every brand has its standard size chart and there may be slight differences between them and you might have to go a size up or down. So, if you are in the size 39, it might possible that you might have to go for 40, just make sure to check your foot length. This hack works well for open-toe footwear.

Note: Check the images below, you’ll get it.

But in the case of shoes or any closed-toe footwear, there’s an exception. As I told you before that my exact foot length is 22.5, but I don’t buy my shoes/boots of the exact foot length because shoes and boots are tightly closed footwear and it starts to get very tight at the toe area. So, I usually go for the foot length 23.

Conclusion: Whenever I buy open-toe footwear, either I buy my exact foot length 22.5 ( please know that it’s my smallest possible size) or I go to 22.8 or 23 cm if I don’t get the exact foot length, but I make sure that I don’t buy my smallest possible size when I buy shoes. I always buy my shoes in the foot length 23.


Moving on, another important thing that I always check while doing online shopping is Return Policy. Yes, it’s very important to check because sometimes, we might not like the fittings of the cloth or it might not look good when we wear it, hence we want to return that product. So, you should always check the return policy before buying any product. I usually place the order when they provide 30 days return or at least 15 days. Generally, Indian brands do have 30 days return policy but some international brands do not have a return policy or they might have a return policy but you have to pack the product and send it back to them on your own if want to return it. I personally avoid shopping from such websites and you should avoid it too because nobody has this much time to return on their own. So, never forget to check the return policy, it’s always given below the product.


Another problem that you might face with the quality of the clothes. So now, I’ll be sharing two points on how to check the quality of the products. Firstly, always check the review section of the product before buying any product, and the second would be to shop only from the trusted brand.

# Always Check Reviews

Many times, the product looks good on the model due to lighting, professional shoot, and all but when you receive the product, it doesn’t look good. So, for that, always check the ratings and reviews of the products and you should also check the images in the review section that other customers have posted, you will get an idea of product quality to an extent.

# Always Shop From Trusted Brands

After reviews, as I mentioned before that always shop from trusted brands because, in an online store, there are thousands of brands selling their products. Like if you are shopping from Myntra, there are multiple brands, and it’s not possible to know the quality of every brand. So, you should always shop from the brand you trust and whose quality you know.

So, these are two points you can keep in mind to ensure that you won’t receive a bad quality product because MYNTRA or AMAZON is not a brand. There are different brands selling products under that, so it’s might possible that you won’t get a good quality product if you just shop from some random brand. Quality depends on the Brand. So, don’t forget this and keep this in mind for the next time.

4. Check Model’s Details

Whenever you check a product online, the details of the model are always given below the product. I know, many times, an average consumer does overlook this information but you shouldn’t ignore it. You should check this info because it will help you to get an idea of the fittings and length of the clothes. I know, you might be thinking that when a standard size chart is given, why should we check the model’s details. I tell you WHY!! Suppose, if you want to buy a crop top but you’re not sure of how much stomach it will show or how long it will come, so if you check the model’s height, physics, and what size she’s wearing, you’ll get a better idea of the length and size of the top to an extent, according to your height and figure. This helps a lot when you are not sure of the size even though the standard size is given there. Also, gives a better idea of fit. So, do keep your eye once on this while online shopping.


Moving on to the last point and that is to check the brand’s own website as well. I tell you two reasons for that. Firstly, you might get a better deal there and who doesn’t want that! And secondly, sometimes the size you want to buy is unavailable on Myntra but that size might be available on the brand’s website. So, this is an amazing hack you can keep in mind and try. Make sure to check the brand’s website once if they have before buying anything. I usually do this get great discounts. Hehehe!!

That’s it for today’s guys. I have included every single point that I keep in mind while doing online shopping and if you keep such little things in your mind while online shopping, you will rarely order the wrong size. So, do remember it and I hope you find this article helpful. πŸ€—

Until next time, B Y E!❀πŸ₯€

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