A Guide To Color Blocking The Right Way!

Adding a pop of color to an outfit will always brighten up the mood and make you stand out, isn’t it?

Having said that, the COLOR BLOCKING trend has made its way back in 2021 and I’m already fascinated by it.

Well, if you are not familiar with this trend, COLOR BLOCKING is basically a combination of different colors to create bold eye-catching looks.

While it does get difficult at times to combine the right colors but a little bit of understanding of a color wheel can help you out easily. We’ll be talking more about this while going ahead.

For now, let’s just start with how to color block the right way.

# Monochromatic Theme

So, the first and the easiest way is to go for a monochromatic theme. Yes, you heard me right. A monochromatic scheme is the easiest color blocking technique to pull off. Just simply choose all the items in one color, of course, shades can vary from item to item.

You can combine Crimson Red and Burgundy (Red) or Powder Blue and Turquoise (Blue). To begin with, mixing various patterns and textures can be tricky at times and can look a bit fussy. So, try wearing a single color or a hue. It’s a cleaner way to putting an outfit together. But once you get the hang of it, you can definitely play with various patterns, prints, and textures.

# Complementary Colors

If you want to step up your color blocking game, you gotta do it with complementary colors. Now, your question would be what are complementary colors and how can we use them in color blocking? Well, for that, you have to understand the color wheel. And trust me, a little understanding of it can help you out easily.

We all have read about a color wheel in schools. We just have to recall those color theories, that’s all. So, the colors that are opposite to each other on a color wheel are known as complementary colors, like Orange & Blue, Green & Red, Red & Purple, and so on. This color combination looks brighter, bold, and instantly grabs the attention of the viewer.

Bonus tip:

Color blocking gives the best results when used with the same saturation of the colors. So, make sure to combine neons with neons and pastels with pastel hues. Don’t mix it up.

This tip also works well for people who don’t like such vibrant colors. So, you all can go for pastel hues, it works beautifully too and looks even more appealing to the eyes.

# Analogous Colors

Are you ready to take your color-blocking game a notch higher? Mix three colors then, and by that, I mean Analogous color scheme. It will give you a subtle color combination and looks pleasing to the eyes. They just work seamlessly together to ensure your outfit hues align perfectly.

Now it all comes down to what are analogous colors? The colors that are next to each other in the color wheel are called analogous colors. Some of the examples are Bule, Blue-green, Green and Red, Red-orange, Orange, etc. Sometimes, they are also called harmonious colors.

# From The Same Color Family

Another way of successfully doing color blocking is by choosing colors within the same color family. It creates an even more striking effect, and for this, we will be using a color wheel again.

One side of the color wheel is called warm colors because they evoke a feeling of sunlight and fire and another side is called cool colors because they evoke a feeling of water, trees & night.

Warm colors include shades of red, orange, and yellow and their variations whereas Cool colors include shades of green, blue, and purple and their variations. So, try combining colors within the same family, I’m sure you gonna love it the most.

# Neutral Colors

If you’re afraid of color-blocking with vibrant, do add a hint of neutrals to break the ice. Some of the neutrals colors are black, white, grey, beige, brown, etc. Pairing a neutral color with a bold shade will make it stand out without going OTT. You can choose neutral accessories as well. This technique is perfect for the people who loves color-blocking but like it keep it subtle.

# Using Accessories

Color blocking is not just about clothing, you can always add a pop of colors to your outfit with accessories as well. Adding matching belts, shoes, bags, or even a neckpiece or a bracelet will amp up the look effortlessly and grab the attention.

That’s it for today, guys! I hope you all liked it and get some tipsy on the clocking blocking trend. Do let me know your feedback in the comment section below. I would love to read them.❤

Thank you for reading!

Until next time, B Y E!🥀

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