What’s In My Bag? Let’s invade!

Hii everyone!!

Today I’m doing the most viral segment called what’s in my bag. I carry my bag almost everywhere. I’m a backpack person because I think you can keep your stuff more organized in a backpack rather than a handbag.

So let’s see what’s inside my bag.

# Wallet

Starting off with a wallet, like every girl. I carry it to keep Identity cards, debit cards, and little money. I don’t carry cash much because it can be stolen and mostly, I prefer online payments.

# Charger

Second is the charger. Nobody can live without it. If I have a phone but no charger!! My life stops without this. Hahahaha!!

# Earphones

Then I have my earphones because when I get bored or exhausted, this is a thing that keeps me up mostly.

# Hand Sanitizer

Another essential in my bag is sanitizer because it’s important to keep your hand’s germ free.

# Water Bottle

Next is the water bottle. Very very important again to keep yourself hydrated. No enough water, No glowy skin.

# Perfumes

Another thing is a deodorant or a perfume. Very important because one should always smell good, and I am a big fan of deos and perfumes.

# Snacks

I always carry dry fruits, chocolates, and whatever I like. Chocolate and dry fruits, because they are my favorites, and rest because, to deal with my hunger.

# Sanitary Napkins

The most important thing for every girl because YOU NEVER KNOW. I don’t forget to carry sanitary napkins ever.

# Medicines

Prevention is better than cure. So, I always keep a few essential medicines for a headache, stomach issues, cold and fever.

# Lip Balms

I hate the feeling of chapped and dry lips. So, I keep a good lip balm along with me.

# A Makeup Pouch

Not exactly a makeup pouch but I carry two lipstick (red and nude), a mascara, a kajal and a face compact. This is enough for me to do my touch up when I’m out.

# Lotion

I like my hands and feet to be moisturized well throughout the day. So, Whenever they get dried, I just use lotion.

# Hair Ties, Bobby Pins

I generally keep my hair open but when I’m travelling during hot summer, I just tie my hair into a bun or a ponytail. So, I keep hair ties for that and bobby pin, to fix up any flyaway hair.

# Comb

A good small hairbrush is necessary to untangle hair. So, I keep the hairbrush along wherever I go.

# Wet Wipes

I have combination skin. So, there are some days when I just need to clean it. At that time, face wipes are my favourite. Also, I use it to clean my hand sometime.

# Diary and Pen

Being a fashion student and a blogger, I get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. So, to get it down on, I carry a dairy and pen.

# Identity Card

I do not go anywhere without my ID because you need them the most when you expect the least.

So, that’s all for today guys. Comment down below what stuff you guys carry. I would love to read them.

I have never written something like this before. I hope you enjoy reading this segment.

Until next, BYE!❀πŸ₯€

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